WPC Fence Profile

WPC fence profile suitable for the installation of fences and railings

Profile width: 100 mm
Profile thickness: 20 mm
Profile length: 2 m
1 LM = 1.300 kg



WPC products are made of material containing wood or bio-waste and polymers, most often combined in a ratio of 60% wood fibers, 30% polyethylene (HDPE) and 10% additives and stabilisers.

The greatest advantage of WPC materials is that they retain the best properties of wood (pleasant to the touch, have a natural look) and at the same time carry the strength and durability of polyethylene. Unlike actual wood, it is not necessary to impregnate, paint or treat it with any preparations. An additional advantage of WPC materials is that they only require basic cleaning to look good. They are not affected by sun, rain, atmospheric influences, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays, as well as to the effects of mold, insects and moisture.

Application of WPC fence profile: Suitable for fences, railings, decorative profile for air conditioner boxes.